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is "JOY" really BMW ?

What BMW don't want you to know (or notice), petrol engines with all the finesse and refinement of an agricultural diesel engine.

Apart from the faults experienced with this 3 series (330i SE Coupe), there is another issue which BMW do not want people to notice and it exists with all their petrol engines since the N53. The lean-burn engine, first introduced in 2007, includes a fuel-injection system known as High Precision Injection. Unfortunately their new petrol engines sound a lot like diesel engines and under load you can actually hear diesel clatter and other similar noises from what should be a very quiet and refined petrol engine. Also, the BMW six cylinder engine - once famed for its smooth and almost undetectable operation while running at tickover or idle has lost all of its characteristic heritage and is now noisy and unrefined. It is a major step backwards all in the name of lower emissions.

This they describe as JOY. Any BMW with this recent injection system will sound more like a taxi or a delivery van. Not good for a prestige motor car which anyone might expect to sound like - a prestige motor car!

If you own a BMW with the earlier engine N52 engine, hang on to it.


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Privately invested in the BMW brand and their JOY!

Over two years of continuous faults.

Over 20 courtesy cars, and countless visits to the local dealership with fault after fault. Faults with the engine, the bodywork, exhaust system, the steering, front suspension, uneven tyre wear, the fuel injectors, injector pump, NOX sensor, the electric seats, lights and the upgraded hi-fi speakers. The list goes on and on and on.

Apparently most if not all of these faults have been a figment of my imagination. When the engine misfires it really doesn't, but even if it does the reason must be fuel quality. Strange when you consider that I purchase most of my fuel from the same source as my local BMW dealer. Also, the car pulling to the left and the premature tyre wear around the entire left-outer circumference is not a problem because, as I was told by BMW, "they all do that".

So what did BMW do to put this right? Not enough! So you may want to consider this question before you put your money on... Is JOY BMW !

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The BMW owners' manual states that
when the above warning light is displayed,
the vehicle can be driven but must be taken
immediately to a BMW service area for inspection.

So I did...

The BMW service engineer could find nothing wrong.


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